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Personal Childcare Assistant Job (Housing Included)
New York – Couple seeks highly intelligent, amiable, responsible individual to provide child care and educational enrichment for three wonderful school-aged children.  Excellent compensation including health insurance, paid vacation, private room and bath in separate apartment in luxury building.  This is a year-round position.  Ideal for students, writers, musicians.  Resume to

Alumni in DC?
Lisa Slater (nee Barish)
I am a graduate of Bank Street College, as well as former teacher, learning specialist and parent in the School for Children.  I currently live and teach in Denver, Colorado, but will be moving to Washington, D.C. this summer.  I would very much like to connect with alumni in that area.  I’m currently exploring public and private teaching positions and teacher training/support positions for next fall.  Please contact me by e-mail ( or cell (720) 320-3785.Thanks so much.

Alumni in Chicago?
Lauren Perlman
Hi, everyone.  I am looking to connect with Bank Street alum in CHICAGO. Also, please check out our website.  We are now GLOBAL, bringing museum education to schools around the world.  If you are interested in finding out more and/or bringing us to your school, please let me know.  Disregard the posted fees….of course, there is a Bank Street alum price!  THANKS!

Childcare Center in D.C.?
Anne Schiller
Can anyone recommend a good childcare center in central Washington DC for an almost 2 year old who is moving there?

Looking for NJ Progressive Educators
Jamie McGuire
I am searching for energetic, ambitious, and progressive educators living in Monmouth or Ocean County NJ who would like to start a school for children – possibly a charter school.  I am also looking to connect with Alumni who have had success creating a school.  Thank you for your leads!

Valley Charter School Currently Enrolling 2nd Grade
Robin Burkhardt
Valley Charter school is a new independent charter school in North Hills, CA that is now accepting applications to second grade. Valley Charter School, a new Tuition-Free Public Elementary School opened Sept. 2010. Our curriculum features:
* Hands On/Project Based Curriculum in a Warm, Nurturing Environment
* Small Classes with 20:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
* Diverse Student Population
For more information please visit our website – – where you can download an application and fax it to 310-362-8940. You can also email forms and questions to

Volunteers Needed for Emotionally Responsive Practice Project
Lesley Koplow

Are you a second grade teacher in public school? Have you had training from the Center for Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street? If you have, and would be interested in having your classroom become a demonstration classroom for our K-3 Project, please contact Lesley Koplow at

Job opening in a new NYC progressive public school?
Carol Fitzgerald ’99

Hi, I recently returned to NYC after 3 years teaching abroad in Tokyo and London. Most of my teaching experiences have been with Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades and I have taught mixed-age classrooms. This year I am back at my old school and have been working as an organizer and teacher for our school’s Support Team. We have redesigned our work with “at risk” children in order to look at them as whole children and to focus on their strengths and interests.  This work has been truly inspiring and hopefully I will be able to continue with this next year.  However, because of all the budget cuts and also because I am not officially back in the DOE system, there  is no guarantee that I will have a job next year.  I am writing this to put the word out in case anyone knows of an opening in a new progressive public school (less than 2 years old) in NYC.  Thank you!

Looking for a Middle School Special Needs Tutor in Queens
Janice Williams
866.78TUTOR (866.788.8867)
I own a private tutoring service in Manhattan called Tutor Doctor.  Unfortunately, I do not have a formal relationship with Bank Street.  I’m looking for a special needs teacher to tutor a 7th grade client I have in Jackson Heights and thought there might be someone in the alumni network willing to explore this opportunity.  Interested parties can email me their resume and a cover letter that includes the ages/subjects they are qualified to tutor, the neighborhoods/boroughs in which they are willing to work, whether they drive/have access to a car, and their expected hourly rate to me at  Thanks in advance!

Bravo, Bank Street!
Elizabeth M. Hiteshew (Betsy)
I recently had the opportunity to observe a Bank Street graduate student in Museum Education, Jeanne Hoel, conduct a tour for elementary age children of an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. I was thrilled to see Bank Street core values which became part of my philosophy when I attended Bank Street in the early 1950’s exemplified in the masterful way in which she respectfully and thoughtfully entered into dialogue with the children.  Bravo, Bank Street you have kept the faith!

Schools in Fort Collins, Colorado?
Emily Presseau

I’m an alum looking to connect with someone in Fort Collins, CO. I’m currently teaching in Japan but am looking for a job in Fort Collins. I’m looking for a position in pre-k to first grade.  I’m originally from NY/Boston so I have no connections out there with schools. Suggestions for where to look or who to contact would be greatly appreciated!

Do your students understand time and space?
Marcia Lynn Didtler ’91
Currently, I am teaching art at Burroughs High School in California.  In 1991 I graduated from the Bank St./Parsons Program.  A few years ago I was an exchange teacher in Wales on a Fulbright Scholarship.  This year it seems that the students are really talented and yet really overprotected, so much so that they are acting more like middle-school students. Looking at our history these youngsters were very young at the time of 9-11. Our staff has noticed that the parents are also very “needy” in their own terms.  Recently, discussing students and their behavior we agreed that they also seem to lack a bit of a time-space relationship.  Since a lot of these students have been driven to school, they are challenged by time and space.  It would be a challenge for some to discern how long it would take to WALK to school.  Interesting, perspectives!!! If any alumni or former teachers of my program see this as well, do write.
(P.S. In October ’09 a painting of mine was in the OPEN TOUR SHOW of our local museum, 3 poems and 5 photos were hung at the local Desert Empire Fair. Happy Trails, as they say in the west!!)

Suggestions for a School Leader Trying to Get Back into the Field?
R. Gantcher ’01
Any suggestions for someone with a Bank Street Master’s in Educational Leadership who has been out of the field for about ten years, is looking to get back into education but wondering what less traditional options may be available…  Are there any options out there that allow one to do some work with students and some work on planning, strategizing and advocating at the same time?  Any chance of teaching a college course with only a Masters?  Thank you for your time and efforts thinking about this.

Hoping to Reconnect with School for Children Alums
Richard Condon

I attended Bankstreet from 1972 to 1976, (1st – 4th Grades)  I had a teacher named Josh the first two years, and Joan Sanadella (spelling?) the final two. I’m hoping to make contact with other classmates from that time period.

Attitude in Teaching Book and Website
Rachel Kramer Theodorou

I have recently written a book that was published last year on attitude in teaching.  My company’s website is up and we hope to begin our own blog and connect more with Bank Street’s.  Stay tuned!

Looking for Elementary School Teachers in Western MA to Share Wisdom and Experiences
posted 2/28/09 by Beth Volkmann

Hello, I am pursuing a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education in Western Massachusetts after realizing that my dream of moving back to NYC to attend Bank Street just wasn’t going to happen soon enough (thus I am not an alum!)! However, I would like to pursue my degree and teaching career with a Bank Street-frame-of-mind! I would like to connect with Bank Street graduates who are (preferably) teaching in public school PreK-3 classrooms so that I can see how maintaining best practices and the Bank Street philosophy are integrated with public school mandates. I am willing to travel 50 miles or so to have this opportunity. Thank you!

Principal Needed – New Los Angeles Charter School
posted 2/28/09 by Robin Levey Burkhardt
I am hoping to get in touch with alumni in the California area. I live in Los Angeles and am working on setting up a new charter school in the San Fernando Valley. We are set to open in the fall of 2010. We are currently looking for a principal who can lead the charge on writing our charter, build a project-based curriculum, and establish a warm, nurturing, and vibrant constructivist learning environment. We believe in supporting the growth and development of the whole child. We are committed to serving a population of mixed socio-economic status. For more information contact me or send a resume to

Have you been to Reggio Emilia, Italy?
posted 2/3/09 by Zuleika Fertullien ’06

I will be attending the Reggio Emilia conference in Italy and would like obtain more information about the landscape of the area and recommendations on dining and local area trips. Look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for NYC Teaching Opportunities with “emotionally challenged children”
posted 1/27/09 by Susan Nussbaum ’83

I left the Bd. of Education when my son was born in 1997, after 15 years of teaching. At this point my children are older and, after contracting out through various agencies doing Early Intervention and SEIT, I want very much to teach again with emotionally challenged children in a NYCDOE school. If you know anyone I could contact, please let me know. I am off to look at The New Perspectives programs, which if you’ve never taken any, you must. They are great and so beneficial. Hope to hear from you!

Bank Street Alums in Denver?
posted 1/24/09 by Jill Stacy ’03 (nee Syvret)

After living in New York City for nine years, my husband and I have decided to move west to Denver this summer. I would like to connect with alumni who continue to practice Bank Street’s educational philosophy and live in Denver. I would like to teach in a progressive environment and I am hoping to find some one who can advise/guide me as I make my way through the job search process, instead of going in blind, or making cold calls. I graduated from Bank Street’s Early Childhood and Elementary Education program in 2003, and will receive an Advanced Literacy Specialization degree this spring. I look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me at the above e-mail address.

February Open House at the Rubin Museum for Elementary Educators (NYC)
posted 1/22/09 by David Bowles ’08

I’ve been working full time at the Rubin Museum of Art for over a year, and just finished up my MSEd in Museum Education at Bank Street last month. I’d like to share an invitation to an Elementary Educator’s Open House, to share ideas and discuss ways to integrate museum education into classroom learning. Details are below. Cheers!

Dear Educator,
You are warmly invited to attend the Rubin Museum of Art’s Open House for Elementary School Educators, taking place on Wednesday, February 4th from 4-7 pm. The Rubin Museum of Art is at 150 West 17th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues.  The Open House will focus on finding new and exciting ways to enhance your Pre-K to 5th grade curriculum, utilizing the geography, society, history and art of the Himalayan region. Come explore the cultures of Tibet, China, India, and beyond! Bring your fellow teachers and administrators and enjoy an evening of exhibition tours, free exploration of the galleries, art-making activities, and refreshments.  Please rsvp to by February 2nd.  A schedule of the evening’s events is below:

4 pm, Meet & Greet •  Meet fellow educators and learn about Education Programs at the Rubin Museum.
4:30 pm, Exploring Geography Through Art •  Learn how the geography of the Himalayas is connected to the people and art of the region, and how it can help students understand concepts of place and location.
5 pm, Pattern & Shape in Textiles • Explore the exhibition Color & Light: Textiles from India & Pakistan, and use real objects to identify patterns and colors.
5:30 pm, Materials from the Earth • Experience the unique materials that artists from the Himalayas use to create paintings and sculptures.
6pm, Explore Nepal! • Explore the cultural and artistic diversity of the Katmandu Valley with this interactive tour of From the Land of the Gods: Art of the Katmandu Valley.
6pm, Exploring Geography Through Art • Learn how the geography of the Himalayas influences the people and art of the region, and how it can relate to student learning of place and location.
6:45 pm, Making Maps of the Himalayas • Learn a fun way to make geography come alive in the classroom with print making and topographical maps of the Himalayas.

Looking for Bank Street Alums in South Florida
posted 1/8/09 by Janet (Levine) Steinman ’94, Florida

I am living the good suburban life in Weston, Florida, outside of Fort Lauderdale, with my husband, three children by marriage and one by birth. I taught for years in NYC, in various private schools, and for one year in Weston. My son will be two years old in a few days and I will be thinking about going back to work when he begins school himself. I would like to connect with Bank Street alumni in the South Florida area, specifically Fort Lauderdale itself. I was a Museum Education major and graduated in 1994. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

A National Park, Environmental Education, and Smokey the Bear (in Staten Island!)
posted 1/8/09 by John Harlan Warren, NYC
John Harlan Warren is an education specialist with the National Parks of New York Harbor Education Center, located at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, New York. Yes, he wears a Smokey Bear hat.

Philly PD/Coach Jobs?
posted 1/8/09 by Elaine Weems, Philadelphia

Dear Fellow Bank Street Graduates,
I live in Pennsylvania and have been searching for a Professional Developer/Coach position in Early Childhood Education. Does anyone know of any opportunities in Philadelphia? Please contact me via e-mail if you do.
Thanking you in advance,

Quality Online Classes?
posted 1/8/09 by Heather B. Weisenfluh ’98, Maine

I am looking for feedback about quality online classes. I graduated from Bank Street in 1998 and since have moved from NY. I am looking for classes to keep my certification in Maine current. I am interested in Special Education, regular education classes (mainly pertaining to teaching grades 4 – 8), and classes related to writing curriculum – or if you took any wonderful class online let me know. The classes do not have to be related to education just as long as I am continuing my own education. Please let me know – I miss Bank Street!!!
Heather Bond Weisenfluh

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